Your help is still needed!

Your help is still needed!

June 28, 2020

We want to say a big thank you and let you know how much we appreciate all those who have supported our fundraising campaign so far. Your generosity has supported just over 2000 vulnerable leatherback hatchlings being successfully released in to the ocean this season.

We also thank those who have sent us messages of encouragement and also those individuals who have lost their jobs but still wanted to help.

With green turtle season upon us we are facing a very alarming situation as this endangered species is hunted and killed by poachers.

It has been announced that Costa Rica’s border closures to international travellers have been extended until August. This means that volunteers, who were programmed to come and support, are now unable to come. This is a MASSIVE hit as we were depending upon these volunteers participation to enable us to manage the green turtle season which is just starting.

With many job losses in Costa Rica, due to the pandemic, we are anticipating many more poachers from the mainland to come to the beach to kill the valuable green turtle’s for their meat and eggs. 

We know that you will agree that it is of vital importance that our conservation efforts continue during this time, and we kindly ask you to consider any type of help you can offer to this grave situation.

To support our program please go to the following link:

Support seaturtles in Costa Rica

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