Volunteer story

Volunteer story

March 27, 2019

Probably I will not be able to find the rights words for what I experienced in la Tortuga Feliz.

It has been only a week, but in in short amount of time I learned so much about turtles, ecology, local people, friendship, kindness and myself.

My first thoughts were: “shit, where am I” and “wow i’ve never seen so much green in my life”. 
The camp is situated in a beautiful place between the jungle and the Caribbean ocean. It’s off the beaten path, surrounded by wildlife.

Volunteers live in small huts. there is a big garden, two big tables for sitting together and playing cards, new outside showers (great), enough hammocks and about 5 lovely dogs!:-) and did I mention that it takes you a minute to walk to the beach? 

The days at la Tortuga Feliz are very Structured in terms of meals (DELICIOUS, Jess!!), daily meetings, work in the hatchery (tough but soo much fun!), night patrols, but also takings naps in cozy hammocks, Hanging out, playing cards with other volunteers! 

Although it was kind of a shock at first, i got used to it quickly. The night patrol is hard in the first two days, but then it’s just beautiful (stars, ocean, jungle noises and of course turtles!!! ♥️). 

Finding a turtle at night is something very special. We were trained before and on my 4th night our group found a big leatherback in a lagoon. She was beautiful and it was a very special experience to watch her lay her eggs, and cover her nest and return to the ocean! 

I have met wonderful people there – not only the volunteers, but also the research assistants and members of the local community. 
The week went by too fast and I was a bit heartbroken when I got on the boat and left. 
It’s crazy how close you get to a very diverse group (in terms of age, nationality, interest) of people that you don’t know at all, and how everybody is helping each other. Sometimes you end up discussing the big questions of life while doing the dishes – crazy! And beautiful. 
thank you Robert and Jess for creating and running this beautiful place! I will never forget this week ♥️

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