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A former volunteer writes a children’s book inspired by her volunteering experiencek at La Tortuga Feliz

Johanna Lehmann is a former volunteer at La Tortuga Feliz Costa Rica and is the founder of United Letters, who inspires children through personalized and mindful…

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Turtle season 2017 officially started

Turtle season 2017 has officially started now, the first turtles came at the beach and the volunteers are in full action! Everybody is really excited!…

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First leatherback turtle of 2017 saved!

Leatherback season is well underway with DeeAnn from Canada being the first volunteer to find a turtle for 2017! As the hatchery isn’t quite ready…

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Happy turtles!

The first month of turtle season 2016 went really fast. Many volunteers from all over the world have helped us with preparing the hatchery and…

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Beautiful message from beautiful people

November 19, 2015 , , ,

Last week we received this email from former volunteers: “Madison now age 13 loved her experience. A beautiful way to teach her about her future…

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Beautiful picture of a green turtle at daytime!

Very rare but sometimes it happens that a green turtle comes on the beach at daytime. Volunteers of La Tortuga Feliz where really lucky that…

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Viva La Tortuga

If you have never spent 20 minutes straining your eyes in the dark at a large, oblong piece of driftwood, you have not yet had…

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