Results turtle season 2020

Results turtle season 2020

January 2, 2021

It is at this time of year that we are usually thanking volunteers and supporters for their efforts in making everything happen. This year, it is again that we offer a resounding thank you to our volunteers and supporters who so generously contributed to our fundraiser’s.

A thank you to the first volunteers who showed up in March and who were reluctantly evacuated due to Costa Rica closing her borders. A thank you to Jess, Eduardo, Chris, and Kate who held the fort for the months that it was predominantly just them and the local’s doing everything possible to save nests.

An extra big thank you goes to Carlos, Oscar, Hernan, Deivi, Patricia and Soley, who showed their commitment to the program by continuous patrolling for nests and by guarding the hatchery night after night, in the absence of volunteers, on a greatly reduced salary.


The results for turtle season 2020 are in!

*150 leatherback nests, 34 green turtle nests, and five hawksbill nests were recorded, for a total of 189 nests. Adding the three species, 95 nests were protected. Of these, 82 nests were relocated to the hatchery, 9 to another beach sector, 4 nests were left in situ. 

In total 94 nests were poached.

For the leatherback turtle, 50.0% of the nests were protected, a percentage of 47.06% for the green turtle, and 80.0% for the hawksbill turtle. The estimated number of hatchlings released for all the clutches exhumed was 4,662, of which 3,177 were leatherback, 1,151 green, and 334 hawksbills. 

*Data collated and disseminated by Latin American Sea Turtles

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