Rare Sighting

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Rare Sighting

I was on my 3rd patrol with Davy covering sectors B and C of the beach. We already walked the biggest part of our patrol and went back halfway to the direction of the river mouth. The only thing we saw so far was a nest of a leatherback which has been poached. So we stopped at a trunk to wait for a bit before returning to the hatchery and started chatting about how bad it was that we got to the other nest too late and didn’t see any other turtles. Suddenly, Davy said that even this thing close to the water could be a turtle, clearly joking. But when he had another look at it he went silent and started whispering. “This actually IS a turtle”. How lucky it’s coming up directly towards us!! We waited for a moment and then got around the turtle to not disturb it. Davy had a look at the tracks and said that it’s a hawksbill. We were expecting one for the weekend and there it was. We stayed back in silence to not disturb the turtle and waited until we heard sounds coming out of the bushes. Then Davy slowly went there to check and after the turtle started digging he told me that I can come to have a closer look . We watched her slowly digging the hole and after she finished put the plastic bag into the hole to get the eggs. After she finished we took the bag out, measured the turtle and watched her covering the nest with sand. We stayed with the turtle while she returned back to the sea to avoid that she was taken by poachers. After that we brought the eggs to the hatchery, dug a hole and put them in. It was already 4 o’clock but I completely lost track of the time while having this great experience. I hope the turtle will be found by volunteers again when it returns in about two weeks time.

Name: Florian

Country: Germany


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