Turtle Rescue and Spanish Immersion Program

Spanish Lessons

Turtle Rescue and Spanish Immersion Program

Our turtle rescue and Spanish Immersion program offers volunteers an
unforgettable opportunity to learn Spanish while making a difference at the
same time.

La Tortuga Feliz has partnered with a Spanish language school in Costa Rica
dedicated to offering this one-of-a-kind program.
Before volunteers participate at the beach with us they immerse themselves
at a highly rated independent language learning facility in Heredia, San Jose.
Options include intensive or super intensive Spanish learning programs along
with homestay family accommodations, for those who really wish to expose
themselves to the language and Costa Rican culture.
It’s an all-inclusive program that offers airport pick up, accommodation meals,
lessons, optional activites/tours and transfers to La Tortuga Feliz.
You’ll meet new people, experience a new way of life, and walk away having
had an adventure like no other. Furthermore students of this program enjoy
the opportunity of then communicating with the locals whilst at La Tortuga
Feliz in Spanish!

Students in conversation class spanish lessons

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    • An excellent course in a fantastic atmosphere. When using what I have learned it is an amazing experience to be able to communicate. A huge amount of knowledge in such a short time.

      Tim - United Kingdom
    • "I really like that I can communicate in Spanish now after arriving without knowing any"

      Anna - Netherlands
    • "I could only speak about the weather in Spanish when I arrived but now I can have conversations."

      Laura - Germany
    • "Very useful. The style of teaching works well. I learned more 5 days than 8 years in the USA!"

      Tiffany - USA
    • "I learned a huge amount of Spanish through the course. I really didn't expect to know so much already."

      Emma - United Kingdom
    • "Much more than you would expect from a relatively short course! Really fast, high pressure, a lot of important tenses. Prepares you for going out and speaking."

      Johanna - Germany
    • "This place is paradise and in just a few days I was able to speak with the locals"

      George - USA


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