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La Tortuga Feliz also has a language school that offers volunteers an accelerated intensive Spanish course for beginners and improvers.

In it’s design the course takes in to account that, in most instances, the learner has had little or no exposure to language learning. You’ll be taken on an express journey into the most essential knowledge for easily grasping the foundation of Latin American Spanish.

Once the foundation is established building upon it becomes simple and within a short period students find themselves confidently making inroads into constructing complex sentences in several tenses. Focus is put on speaking, pronounciation & stress rather than reading or writing. Although grammar is covered it is presented in simple and easy to understand terms.

Learning takes the form of 6 purposefully prepared, high energy, fun & intensive lessons that last approx 1 hour.  Further study is expected in preparation for the next lesson.

The course is taught in English and apart from a pen, notepad, English to Spanish dictionary and a desire to learn, all that is asked, is that you speak a high level of English.

The course is set around volunteering hours and is available from March to the end of August

Course Costs $80USD

Register your interest in participating on arrival at La Tortuga Feliz as well as in your online reservation.

  • An excellent course in a fantastic atmosphere. When using what I have learned it is an amazing experience to be able to communicate. A huge amount of knowledge in such a short time.

    Tim - United Kingdom
  • "I really like that I can communicate in Spanish now after arriving without knowing any"

    Anna - Netherlands
  • "I could only speak about the weather in Spanish when I arrived but now I can have conversations."

    Laura - Germany
  • "Very useful. The style of teaching works well. I learned more 5 days than 8 years in the USA!"

    Tiffany - USA
  • "I learned a huge amount of Spanish through the course. I really didn't expect to know so much already."

    Emma - United Kingdom
  • "Much more than you would expect from a relatively short course! Really fast, high pressure, a lot of important tenses. Prepares you for going out and speaking."

    Johanna - Germany
  • "This place is paradise and in just a few days I was able to speak with the locals"

    George - USA

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