15 reasons why you should volunteer with turtles at La Tortuga Feliz in Costa Rica.

15 reasons why you should volunteer with turtles at La Tortuga Feliz in Costa Rica.

November 5, 2019

We asked our volunteers from the past 12 years the following question. What was your most remarkable memory of volunteering with turtles at La Tortuga Feliz in Costa Rica? This is what they answered. The 15 reasons why you should volunteer with turtles in Costa Rica are written down below.

  • Walking under the stars at night and seeing those magical leatherback turtles laying their eggs under moonlight. Also - the showers. I loved being able to see and hear the birds and look up into the trees.

    Jané - United States
  • Getting to see a nest of leatherbacks hatch and surface during a night hatchery shift. 45 cute little baby turtles!

    Nat - Sweden
  • Seeing that Mama turtle up close, digging her nest and all the hilarity that ensued at the camp. This was an amazing week of bonding with complete strangers from all over the world, learning each other's stories and sharing so much laughter, I felt like a kid at camp during my stay and learned so much.

    Mags - United States
  • Horseback riding on the beach to mark the trail. Listening to the rain pound down on the metal roof. Hearing and seeing all the wildlife. Meeting volunteers from all over. Getting to the site on the boat.

    Nico - Australia
  • I saw more wildlife then i have seen on my vacation in the Amazone.

    Juan - Mexico
  • The parade of Leaf Cutter Ants doing their constant walks! The Leatherback mom covering up her nest and making that laborious turn to return to the ocean!

    Patty - United Kingdom
  • I was there 11 years ago and I remember how the cook of that time made a completely different meal everyday out of almost the same ingredients. It was delicious!

    Nelleke - The Netherlands
  • The excitement of the night shifts and setting the baby turtles free and watch them swim into the ocean!

    Johanna - Italy
  • The moment at eleven at night when hatchlings started to emerge all at once, they were going in every direction possible and my headlight battery died, we counted 86 in the space of 2 hours, with 40 at once! Releasing them was the most special moment.

    Joanna - Canada
  • Seeing the first hawksbill turtle of the season and releasing the first hatchlings of the season, on the same day!!!

    Charlotte - Austia
  • It's been 12 years since I was there. For me my most vivid image is when the babies hatched, we checked their health and set them free to make their way into the ocean.

    Nicole - The Netherlands
  • Eating fresh fruits from the trees, gallo pinto for breakfast, drinking pipas along the beach, showering in the dark with insects around you, talking to the amazing locals, seeing a pineapple grow...

    Flavia - Germany
  • To much memories to choose! Searching for crocodiles at night with the locals, the first Leatherback turtle crawling at the beach, looking for dolfins early in the morning at the river mouth.

    Matthew - United Kingdom
  • Turtles aside, it was the simple living - no electricity, no electronic communications, no ready made entertainment. Just us, cold showers, communal living and the natural world. A life changing experience!

    Ali - Spain
  • Seeing my first leatherback, the tracks it left behind, and helping it dig its nest since it had an amputated back fin and was struggling.

    Lisa - France

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